Stories & Sips Coaster Bundle

Stories & Sips

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Don't sully that fine table by leaving unwanted marks on its fine surface. You were raised to take care of nice things, which is why you would never be so careless to let your glass meet the wood. Oh no, wood is for aging whiskey, not for holding your whiskey soaked glass.

Make your parents proud by ensuring that when you pour your favorite Irish whiskey into your favorite glass, that you ensure said glass rests gently on these coasters made from nature's finest pulpboard. 

Each coaster will not just save your mahogany from liquid invasion but will remind you of your priorities with a memorable, thought-provoking and conversation-inducing statement. 

Each bundle of these fine coasters contains a mixture of coasters bearing the following sentiments:

"I wish I was drinking Irish whiskey in Ireland"

"In this house, we drink Irish whiskey"

"No, I would not like a bourbon, thank you" and

"I only drink Irish whiskey twice a week - once for four days and once for three days"

You'll be the talk of your friend circle with these fine Irish whiskey accessories and you'll sleep better at night knowing that you're fiercely defending Irish whiskey as well as your tabletop.