The Irish Whiskey Super Sip Box

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It's five o'clock (somewhere), which can only mean one thing - it's whiskey time.

You're a person of great taste, of course, so you gloss over those pesky bourbon and scotch bottles to get to the good stuff, the glorious nectar that is Irish whiskey. 

With your preferred Irish whiskey bottle in hand you reach for not one, not but four glasses because you are someone that wants your guests to experience the finer things in life and you know that Irish whiskey tastes better with company.

The glass you like to savor your favorite Irish whiskey in is not a shot glass or a rocks glass and certainly not a glass that might be used for that dreaded scotch stuff (the horror).

Oh no, your glass is the doyenne of the whiskey glass world, its shape celebrated from Dingle to Dublin. Your glass cradles your whiskey perfectly, it funnels the aromas gently to your nose, and its rim rests softly on your lips as the first drops of whiskey grace your palate.

Yours is the Túath Irish whiskey glass because you are a connoisseur, an appreciator, respectful of the years your whiskey has spent aging slowly and determined to honor this time in the wood by ensuring its final vessel gives it a fitting send off. 

When you indulge in a glass of cask strength Irish whiskey, you find a drop of water opens it up wonderfully. Of course, you use a trusty pipette to elegantly introduce a drop or three of water to your glass.

And when you don't want any of those wonderful aromas to leave your glass too soon, you reach for your trusty wooden glass topper to sit atop the gold rim of your prized glass. 

A selection of fine coasters catch any errant drops of Irish whiskey, ensuring your polished mahogany table remains as perfectly smooth and pure as the liquid gold swirling around that glass.

You have assembled a selection of whiskeys and accessories that most could only dream of. Life is short and you've determined it is worth enjoying. 

The Irish Whiskey Sip Box. Just add Irish whiskey and good company. 


So what's in your Super Sip Box?

Inside your lovingly-assembled Stories & Sips Sip Box (itself a keeper), you'll find: 

4 x Gold-rimmed Túath Irish whiskey glasses engraved with the Stories & Sips logo

4 x Wooden whiskey glass toppers kissed with the Stories & Sips logo

4 x (we can't find an adjective) Pipettes

8 x Hilarious Stories & Sips Pulpboard coasters

1 x place in an Irishman's heart


Happy ordering and sipping!