Green Túath Glass Set

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If you don’t have a green TÚATH glass or four on your whiskey shelf are you even Irish?

In the first Stories & Sips exclusive of 2021, we are excited to now take pre-orders for the world’s first-ever green TÚATH glass. 

The TÚATH (tu – ah) – from the old Irish word for family or nation, is a conical shaped nosing and tasting glass for whiskey that functions superbly by concentrating & capturing all the aromas and flavors that make Irish Whiskey unique. The generosity of Irish spirit is reflected in the enhanced chamber capacity delivering a more generous drinking experience.

These stunning green TÚATH glasses will allow you to celebrate your Irishness while enjoying your favorite Irish whiskey and simultaneously allow you to impress friends and family with your sophistication and Irish pride. 

Don’t waste another moment. Get your hands on these exclusive glasses before they sell out. You don’t want to be the only member of our community not sharing photos of them filled with your favorite Irish whiskey on St. Patrick’s Day!




  • Every purchase includes access to a private online zoom toast on St. Patrick’s Day where a special toast will be recited as we raise our green glasses together. 
  • 10 lucky customers will open their packages to find a Golden Ticket bestowing a $100 Gift Card for the Stories & Sips online store upon them.
  • The first person to place an order for these glasses after they go live will be rewarded with a bottle of Powers Three Swallow Release, shipped to their door.


  • By placing an order, you understand that you are placing a pre-order. Glassware will not ship until the last week of February, subject to timely receipt of glassware from Europe.
  • Glassware will be produced in the factory at the end of January and then airfreighted to California for shipping to customers. Delays may occur due to unforeseen circumstances, even delaying the glassware past St. Patrick’s Day. We will endeavor to avoid this and have plans in place to reduce this risk as much as possible.
  • An email receipt will be sent after purchase with your order number. Once glassware ships (no sooner than the end of February) you will receive a second email with details of your shipment and tracking details (if applicable).
  • We will be unable to reply to messages received prior to glassware being dispatched asking when glassware will be shipped. Updates will be posted in the Irish Whiskey Fans of America Facebook group where necessary.
  • Glassware is dishwasher safe but cannot be engraved or printed upon due to its unique texture. 
  • Will the green color of these glasses obscure the color of my whiskey? Yes, without a shadow of a doubt, but if you pay close attention to the whiskey as it pours from the bottle, you’ll catch a glimpse of its fine color up close.